About Us

Company background

Established in 2009, MCG Professionals was founded by Robin McGrenary. As an experienced and well-respected management consultant, Robin always believed in a concept of value for money consultancy.

“Far too often in this industry, customers are feared into paying over the top fees for what is sometimes a below par service”. MCG Professionals was established at its foundation on a firm belief that consultancy and business support needs to be adding unquestionable and exceptional value to an organisation and/or project.

MCG Professionals know that choosing which consultant to work with, is a massive decision that impacts your organisation and ultimately your programme’s success. We know that disciplined delivery is imperative, but so is having a consultant that fits seamlessly into your organisation- to work well with you and your team and moreover seek for them to become that “trusted advisor”.

In this section we explain what makes MCG Professionals and why our clients trust us to help them deliver their most complex programmes successfully.

Value for money

As a disciplined, niche firm, we concentrate on building lean, long-term relationships with our clients and we always ‘under-stay our welcome’ on individual assignments. We treat every single customer as our only customer.

All of our MCG associates have ‘Top Tier’ consultancy backgrounds. This means that we bring to programs the knowledge and experience of larger consultancies without the global premium on fees.

Unique? Absolutely

Not only does MCG have a wealth of consultants to hand, but we are also able to offer our customers the ability to support projects and organisations with vital resource. We recognise that sometimes it is not just a consultant that a organisation requires but sometimes critical interim project and management resource. At MCG we have the ability to provide a full range of management support, which can include project administrators, PMO, project leaders and department management.

We always work closely with you to understand your business before determining solutions. We believe this is a critical step to ensure these answers are firmly grounded on your business strategies, goals and cultures.

We take our profession seriously, whilst still maintaining an approachable and easy going manner.

Let our clients tell you more

If you are interested in finding out more about what our clients think of us, visit our case studies and testimonials.